Play safe

Play safe

Be prepared for action and safe situations!

Playing brings a smile to your face and rose to your cheeks. However, let’s all together make sure that we avoid dangerous situations while we play. It’s all fun and games always here at Naurusaari!


  • Children under the age of seven must be accompanied by at least 18 years old guardian
  • Take your shoes off and keep your socks/indoor slippers on
  • Wash your hands before you join in the fun
  • Enjoy only the drinks and snacks purchased from our cafeteria
  • Feet first when using the slides
  • Play fair – you wouldn’t want to be bullied either
  • Everyone plays at their own risk
  • By purchasing the bracelet into Naurusaari, you agree to abide by the rules
  • Have fun!

Please remember that children under the age of seven must not be left alone inside Naurusaari. The goal of these rules and instructions is for everyone to get the opportunity to have a wonderful moment to play and leave with a smiling from ear to ear!